During these unprecedented times, we are doing our utmost to protect our customers and staff.
All engineers will have face masks, single use gloves, hand sanitiser and wipes to help keep you safe during their visit.
All they ask in return is that you keep a 2 metre distance to enable them to do their job safely and efficiently.
We want to protect our engineers too, so we have reduced the number of service visits per day in order to limit their potential exposure to the virus and we thank you for your understanding.

About Us

STEM Telecom is a family run business formed in 2015 that treats each and every customer as part of their business. The care and attention shown will give you a new insight to a world of superb customer experience. Try us and see just how our "Service & Simplicity" works for you and your business...

Service – At STEM Telecom we pride ourselves on being the best. We shadow our customers to ensure exception customer experience. Why not try us and see just what “Service & Simplicity” can do for your business!

Simplicity – At STEM Telecom we aim to make your lives easier through give you a simple and effective plan of how we are going to manage the day to day running of your on telecoms through our “Service & Simplicity” Program

Price - Everyone pays the price that they think is the best deal at the time. At STEM Telecom we don’t just offer new customers deals we give them to our existing customers too. When we benefit from a price reduction so do you.

We provide comprehensive telecommunications consultancy at no cost whatsoever, this includes a full range of options catered to your needs