During these unprecedented times, we are doing our utmost to protect our customers and staff.
All engineers will have face masks, single use gloves, hand sanitiser and wipes to help keep you safe during their visit.
All they ask in return is that you keep a 2 metre distance to enable them to do their job safely and efficiently.
We want to protect our engineers too, so we have reduced the number of service visits per day in order to limit their potential exposure to the virus and we thank you for your understanding.


The internet has become a critical business tool for many organisations. An organisation’s internet presence tends to reflect its ability to conduct business electronically. It also means that both small and large enterprises can compete on a more level playing field. With the growing demand for cloud-based services of which STEM Technologies provide to business a company’s link to the internet has become crucial to its business success. Consider the implications if your internet connection fails and you lose access to your online applications. Moreover, if your website is hosted on-site your customers will go elsewhere.

Today the internet is often a crucial part of any business so companies need to consider business class internet access solutions that reflect the importance of the internet to the way they do business. Ethernet services are great for businesses that require bandwidth that EFM or DSL are not able to provide. Our Fibre delivery can provide you with up to 10Gbps of dedicated, un contended direct internet access. Ethernet services include fully managed hardware with an option of back up connectivity for true resilience.

STEM Technologies ethernet leased lines produce the foundations for ISDN30 replacement services such as SIP lines (voice over IP lines). If a company is running 30+ channels of ISDN and have an IP, SIP ready phone system, then they instantly benefit from a greater utilisation of the leased line in addition to savings hundreds of pounds per month on expensive ISDN30 line rentals.

This unique offering for Internet access from £14.99 per month. Contact us today and start saving